Company Outing at the Southwicks Zoo

Every few months, the company that I work for takes us out on company outings. It’s a way for us all to have fun and bond over things other than work. This outing we all went to the Southwicks Zoo in Mendon, MA.

Here I am with some of the animals:

Male and Female rhinoceros walking up to the rock wall.
Here I am petting her ear.
Image 2
Feeding two of the giraffes. One of these ladies was not happy when i rubber her cheek, she ended up walking away from me. The other one was fine with me touching as long as I kept feeding her leaves.
Image 4
I really wanted to touch the baby alligator, but he hid under the rocks and the zoo keeper couldn’t get him out. So we opted for the the big lizard or iguana here. He was very rough.
Image 1
There is this whole fenced in section where you can walk with the deer and feed them. The deer didn’t really like being petted, but they would nibble the corn out of your hands.
The black deer followed me the whole time that I was with the deer. She was my favorite. This big white one started to get pushy, she kept head butting my hands trying to get me to spill all the corn.  

I love animals, so getting close up interaction with them was amazing. It was a great day!

Southwick Zoo

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