Rules For Myself

*Stop doubting yourself

*Say “Yes” to scary things that you would normally turn down

*Say what you mean when you mean it

*Be yourself no matter what anybody else thinks or says

*Do not let the stress of work effect the good things at home

*Do not make decisions when being emotional

*Do not over think little things till they become big things

*A little exercise now and then is a good thing

*quality vs. quantity

*Less tv, more reading

*Never stop trying to be a better mom

*Do not give up on your dreams

*Do not let the bad qualities of others ruin the good qualities in yourself


These are just some important rules that I want to remind myself of daily. Life is sometimes hard and it’s not always easy to do the right thing. I have high expectations and at times it’s at my own expense. It is my life pursuit to always be learning new things, and always trying to improve the person that I am.

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