The Jimmy Fund Walk – 2013

On Sunday I will be walking on the 2013 Jimmy Fund Walk. It’s 26.2 miles from Hopkinton to Boston. This is my very first time doing anything like this. I am not athletic          in any way. So I fully know that Sunday is going to be a long struggle, and it will take many days for my body to recover. I signed up for the walk, because I wanted to give back in a way that I never have, and I wanted to be part of something that was bigger than me and my daily life. To participate in the walk you have to raise at least $300, if anyone is interested in helping me out you can Donate Here! Even with all the hard work that will go into that day, I am very much looking forward to the comradery and happy atmosphere the day of.

The other day my bib came in, this is my first bib ever and it’s really starting to settle in that I will be walking 26 miles in one day. I’m getting nervous. I went to lululemon and picked out a whole new outfit. The women there were very helpful in picking out the perfect pieces that I will need.

My bib number is 4059!
Run Inspire Crop II – $86
Run Swiftly Tech LS – $68
Stuff your Bra Tank II – $58
Women’s Ultimate Padded Run Sock – $14
Stuff your bra has three pockets.
Inspire crop pants has two inside pockets and one outside pocket. I wanted lots of pockets so I wouldn’t have to wear a fanny pack or small back pack the day of.
I will also be wearing my Nike Free Run 5.0 sneakers. These are already broken in, and they feel like you are walking on clouds.

I am almost ready for the big day. The Jimmy Fund also suggests that I bring:

Extra Socks
Mini First Aid Kit
Debit Card
Cell Phone

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