Birthday Party Goody Bags

Little Miss’ 4th Birthday was on the 10th but the Hubby and I were still on the cruise so we are celebrating her Birthday this saturday. I have been trying to get as much as I can ready ahead of time. Tonight I picked up a few more things from the Dollar Tree because they have great supplies for parties. Once I use the stuff I then toss it. Cheap to buy and easy clean up. I also grabbed a bunch of fun silly things to make Goody bags for the Kid’s to take home. We have about 10 kids coming ranging from Newborn to 7 years old.



Here’s everything that I picked up. Bubbles, candy, Glow Sticks, Stickers, and more.



I tried to make the bags as even as possible with everything that I had.

I hope all the kids just have fun with the silly things and a great day celebrating her Birthday!

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