MommyTalk – Grown Up Vacation

The Hubby and I just got back from out 7 night cruise from NYC to Bermuda. Little Miss stayed home with my In-Laws so we could have some long over-due alone and grown up time. The last vacation we took without her was about 2 and 1/2 years ago.

I was very much looking forward to our grown up vacation. We had long drawn out dinners. More than 1 glass of wine with dinner. Long late night walks all over the boat. Midnight shuffle board battles. We were able to have full conversations without being interrupted.

The first few days were lovely to be able to sleep in and then wake up with and have nothing planned for the day and no to-do list to check off.

Halfway through the vacation both the Hubby and I agreed that 7 nights was too long to be away from her.

We were both sort of lost without that little voice always asking questions and those little hands reaching out to hold my ours.

The Hubby and I took full advantage of the time that we had together. We were able to re-connect but we have no future plans of leaving her behind anytime soon.

We couldn’t wait till we could get away on vacation alone. Then we couldn’t wait to be home with her.  The life of a parent is hard and confusing but worth every last minute.

Vacations pictures to come! Hope you guys missed me!!


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