Chevron Painting

Yesterday, I posted about my Cousin who is pregnant and yesterday was actually her due date. (You can read that post here) This morning around 11 am her and her husband went into the hospital and almost 12 hours later there is still no Baby B. We are all sitting around waiting for the call that it’s time to come to the hospital.

A few weeks ago I started a project for Baby B. He does not have a final name yet, so the project will remain un-finished till he arrives and is given a name. Here is what I have so far. His room theme is Beach/Nautical.

I found this DIY project for a Chevron painting here! I took that idea and made it my own. I was not strict on the lines and the measuring, I kind of put the tape where I felt it would create fun lines. I also did a non-chevron painting. I got really into it and I wanted one that was more fresh and not so rigid.



My lines are not even or evenly spaced out. I wanted the final result to be more reflective of the ocean.



I chose all blue colors to represent the ocean, and I panted the top the lightest color I had and used a darker blue with each line down.



The second painting, I used the same colors in the same pattern going from the lightest to the darkest but I painted free hand with lots of mixing and blending working from the top to the bottom.


Here is the final free hand chevron. The white spaces turned out to be a little thicker than I had envisioned.



Here is the final free hand painting. My plan with this one is to get a wooden letter for Babys B’s name and paint it in a darker blue and glue it to the center of this. I need to know what his name will be in order to finish it though.



Here they are side by side. As you can see the colors match from top to the bottom. One is strict and rigid and one is more flowy and free. To me they each represent a vision of the ocean for his nautical themed room. I’m so excited to be able to contribute to his bedroom with a homemade gift.

Hurry up Baby B!!


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