New Look and New Name?

This week I changed the appearance theme of my blog to one a little more sophisticated yet still simple and fresh. There are still some color and widget tweaks that I want to make. The change has really made me think about the direction and concept of my blog.

When I first started this blog, I intended it to be mainly focused on beauty which is why I felt it important to have part of the name reference beauty; hence the Blushing in the name. Over the life of this blog to date, my interests have shifted, and this blog is more of a life style blog. I want the freedom to be able to talk about anything that I want to discuss since this is MY blog.

At first I loved the name BlushingJalbert. It means something to me. It was my own, and no one else was using it. That I could find online. I hate the fact that if I were to sign my posts or create a logo the initials are BJ. A sexual reference. Now I don’t think it’s a huge deal, but I hate it.

My slightly un-realistic dream job is to one day be able to stay home and work on my blog full-time while making a living from it. Since I started my blog I have tried to keep my blog and my blog image separate from my personal life (by this I mean, my full name, my social other social media site) I do not share with family or friends that I run a blog. Only if someone brings it up and asks me do I then talk about it. I have also tried to keep it separate for safety reasons. My daughter is the singe most important thing in my life. I would never want to put her safety in jeopardy. But when I really reflect on these two points it seems a little silly and far-fetched.

I shouldn’t be hiding my blog. I should be out there promoting it and proudly showing off what I have grown from scratch. And if someone really wanted to, they could put the pieces of the puzzle together from my posts and figure where I am.

I’m really considering a name change for my blog. I want one that is more reflective of what this blog is truly about. I also want it to be flexible so that it will work with every direction that this blog may go in. What that new name will be, I haven’t quite figured it out.

What I do know is that I love blogging, and I do not see myself ending this any time soon. There are some major decisions that I need to make, and I do need to be more confident in my work and my abilities, but I can only see good things to come!

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