MommyTalk – Juice

I only let Little Miss drink water or milk.

No, I do not let her drink juice.

Okay, okay, she has hot cocoa (mostly milk with jus a hint of cocoa to give it some color) and lemonade (water with a squeeze of fresh lemon). Each just on a few occasions.

When she turned one and we took her for her 1 year check up her pediatrician told us we could start giving her regular milk. He also told us to hold off giving her juice for as long as we could. It has no nutritional value; its wasted calories.

When we go parties or play dates juice is always offered, and Little Miss has been now asking me if she can drink it, and I have to be the bad guy and say “No.”. That’s when all the others gasp and ask why I don’t let her have juice. I explain my reasons, but my reasons always make me sound very judge mental about the fact that they allow their kids to drink juice.

There have been two occasions where Little Miss has had juice. Both instances the hosts of the party would not let up about her drinking juice. I agreed to let them give her juice, but they would be in charge of what would come of it.  The first time she was about 2, she only had a few sips because she didn’t like it and had diarrhea for days.  The second time was a few weeks ago, again she didn’t drink the whole thing, and ended up pooping in her bathing suit while playing with the other kids.

I do not let my child drink juice for my reasons, and I would really love it if other parents just respected my choice and not push something on her that she really doesn’t need. I know my child best and I know what her body can and cannot handle.

What do other parents find odd about your choice with your child? How do you handle it?


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