DIY: Mini Green House

I found this post on Pinterest on how to take ordinary household trash and recycle them to create a mini Green House. I knew this would be the perfect project for Little Miss. With this small project, I was able to teach her what recycling is, how to to be patient and take care of a living plant. Here is what we did:


I saved empty toilet paper rolls and a strawberry plastic container. I also picked up some Marigold seeds from the store.


I cut the rolls in half so they would fit in the container while still being able to close the lid.


Little Miss tried to take a picture of me cutting the roll in half.


We took 3 rolls, cut them in half, to make 6 almost pots for the seeds.


Little Miss scooped dirt from our backyard into each of the 6 sections.



Little Miss placing the seeds into each section.


Almost ready.


We covered the seeds with a little more dirt, and gave them some water.

Now we wait for them to grow!


marigold, flowermarigolds, flower


Here are Little Miss’ flowers in full bloom. We purchased a large wooden barrel from Home Depot and have them displayed proudly next to our front porch.


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