MommyTalk: What do you carry in your diaper bag?

Little Miss will be Four in August and I do not carry a diaper anymore.

I used to be the mom who carried the entire house in a diaper bag when Little Miss was a baby. We never used or needed most of what I packed and I got really tired of dragging everything around.

Now on a typical day I do not bring anything extra for her. If we have something special planed say a trip to NH for the day. A day at the Zoo, then I will grab a few things. A Water bottle. Her boppie (her special blanket) if I want her to nap in the car. If I know that we will be somewhere past her bedtime, I will bring a pair of pajamas to change into before the car ride, to make the transitions from car to bed go smoothly.

If we have a day at the beach planned, or a sleepover somewhere those days require special packing.

I don’t panic anymore about not having something that I may or may not end up needing. Wherever we go there will be a store nearby. I also don’t pack extra clothes. I just make her use the potty before we leave. If necessary we can always stop and use a public restroom. Walmart, Target, Starbucks, or even South Station. Most public places have restrooms. Plus, it’s an excuse to get that Passion Tea Lemonade for yourself.

I do not carry a diaper bag or really anything extra for Little Miss now that she is almost Four. I try to plan ahead of time and if all else fails a store is always never too far away.

How old are you kids and do you still carry a diaper bag?


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