Vacation Day Four and Five

Vacation Day Four was spent in Boston. We took Little Miss to her First Red sox game, where she ate her First Fenway Frank, and was able to say “”Hi” to Jason Varitek who was sitting a section to our right.



Little Miss made it through 6 full innings before we took off. It was too hot for all of us, and we wanted to beat the crowds. After the Sox game we had dinner at Stephanie’s on Newbury St. where I had the most amazing Scallop and Risotto dish.

After dinner we watched the Fireworks from our Hotel room on the 26th floor.



















Halfway through the Fireworks show, Little Miss said “So who wants to watch a movie?” She’s too young to appreciate these things now, but I’m glad that the Hubby and I are able to give her these experiences.

We have had a wonderful Stay-cations this past week. Tomorrow we are back to work and back to our every day lives. In about a month the Hubby and I will be setting sail for our NYC to Bermuda cruise. The countdown officially begins!

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