Vacation Day One – Strawberry Picking

The Hubby and I took this week off to spend some quality time with Little Miss since our August Vacation will be a grown up one. We ventured off to do some strawberry picking at this cute little farm Tougas Farm in Northboro, MA.

Dirt path past the peach trees down to the strawberry field.
Peach Trees.
Our first strawberry!
Tiny perfect strawberries.
Little Miss hard at work!
Trying ti find only the best ones.
I loved these tree roots.
We also got to feed some goats. One goat sneezed on Little Miss’ arm out of nowhere, and she had the biggest laugh when she realized what had happened. It was so funny.
Nibble, nibble.
It doesn’t look like a lot, but we picked over thee pounds.
The strawberries are so sweet and juicy. It also makes me feel good to know that Little Miss is eating safe, healthy, organic food. 

We had a blast strawberry picking, and it was a great start to our Stay-cation with Little Miss!

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