MommyTalk: My Daily Schedule

I am always curious how women juggle raising children, keeping a home and have a fulfilling career. Some days I feel like I run around all day, yet have nothing substantial to show for it at the end of the day. Other day’s I feel so defeated, and just want to hide in a cave. But sitting down and stringing these words together, I just might have it more together than I give myself credit for. I want to share my schedule as unglamorous as it is:

7 – Alarm goes off

7:15 – When I usually get out of bed, I let the dogs out, and jump in the shower

7:45 – Little Miss gets herself out of bed and comes down stairs, I put  Clubhouse  Mickey Mouse on for her

7:45-8:30 – is the crazy time, that we both get dressed, and brush our teeth. I pack the lunch, make a quick breakfast, put everything in the car usually forget a few things, run back in the house and grab them.

8:35 – I drop Little Miss off at Pre-School, and head off to the office

9:30-5:30 – I’m at the office, I’ve been with the company for 5.5 years

6-6:30 – I get home, and start to cook dinner.

7:30 – Little Miss Takes a tubby, we hang out or play, put pjs on, brush her teeth, read books.

8:30-9  – Little Miss goes to bed

9 – I pick things up around the house, do some dishes, hang out with the hubby, work on this blog

The hubby and I trade-off on who will do the drop off and pick up of Little Miss, If I drop her off at school I end up getting to work a little later. He will try to get to work a little earlier, and then leave at 3 to get her by 3:30. And Vice Versa, if he drops her off, I get into work a little earlier, and leave at 3 to get her and be home by 3:45. I will let the dogs out, get her a snack, and jump back online till 5:30 or 6.

This is our typical day. It varies day-to-day. Especially during the summer when we have more things going on. The Hubby got a new job a few weeks back, and I was leaving work every day at 3 to get Little Miss at pre-school and it quickly became too much juggling, I found I wasn’t getting anything done at work. So now that we trade-off, It’s much easier to  manage. I love routines and structure, so when there isn’t any, it quickly becomes overwhelming.

I love having a job, an income of my own. My own career that I work hard for. Sometimes I do day-dream about being a stay at home mother, maybe for just a little bit. I wouldn’t want to give up my independence though.

I would love if working moms and dads could share what their daily routines look like. How do you manage to juggle it all and get everything done?


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