Birchbox vs Ipsy

Birchbox Pros:
Only $10 monthly
Store based
If you buy 12 months at a time, you get 2 free boxes
They now offer Birchbox for me
Birchbox Cons:
Too many coupons
Too much repetition of brands and samples
Small samples
More lotions, and face cleaner than makeup
They don’t offer the full range of products from the brands they send out
Ipsy Pros:
Only $10 monthly
Community based
Videos showing you how to use each sample
Samples come in a cute makeup bag
More makeup samples
Larger Samples, even full size times: nail polish, lip gloss, brushes
Ipsy Cons:
Can’t buy the products through Ipsy
Sometimes the colors don;t work well with my completion (but I may just need to update my profile)
Final Conclusion:
I love the concept of a beauty based monthly subscription. I wish I could subscribe to them all. To be fair, I have only tried these two offers. I was with Birchbox for over a year, and started to hear good things about Ipsy, so I signed up and was receiving them both for 3-4 months. For those 3-4 months I was always more impressed and excited about the samples that I got from Ipsy. Although I do love that you can buy the products through the Birchbox website, as a whole I found what Ipsy was offered to be more aligned with what I wanted.
I want samples. I want brushes, eyeshadow,  lip gloss, mascara, nail polish, and that is exactly what I get with Ipsy. Some months I even get full size products. Currently I only subscribe to Ipsy. This may change as my interest change. I am also in no way bashing Birchbox. Ipsy simply delivers what I am looking for at the moment. 
I would love to hear which subscriptions you are currently part of and why you love them. They don’t necessarily have to be beauty either. 

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