MommyTalk: Breathing Technique

Calling Little Miss dramatic is an under statement. Everything she does and says and completely over the top and animated. She uses her whole body when she’s talking. She gets so involved in her stories, that it draws everyone in around her. Little Miss has no switch, she’s over the top and animated for the good and the bad. The good are the stories about camping in the sneaky woods with – dragons. The bad is when she stubs her toe yet makes it seem like her arm was cut off.

A few weeks ago, I started a new technique. When Little Miss starts to get all worked up for a bad moment. I ask her to look me in the eyes, breathe in through her nose, and out through her mouth. I look right at her, and do it with her a few times. While breathing, she can’t continue to cry. So it keeps her quiet, and helps calm her down. Once she’s more calm and quiet, I ask her to talk to me about what is going on. I often have to remind her to use her words.

So far it’s been working, this technique has been helping to avoid tantrums, and shorten others that have already started.

What techniques do you use to calm your children down?


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