MommyTalk – Saturday Morning Pancakes

I’ve read that children only need to something 3 times in a row in order for it to become their routine. Little Miss and I have stumbled on a routine of making pancakes every Saturday morning. Without fail each Friday night she will ask if we will be making pancakes in the morning. Unless we have something to do or be at early, we always make them.

I let her sit on the counter. I let her pour all the ingredients in. I even let her crack the egg. She stirs it all together, and I cook them in the pan. If I miss a step, or forget part of the routine she will kindly remind me; “But mama I always crack the egg in a separate bowl.”

Memorial weekend, I left on Friday night and returned Monday afternoon, which meant for the first Saturday in a very long time, Little Miss and I were not together. Little Miss did not let her father off easy. The whole time, she told him how we do things, and what I let her do. Even though I wasn’t home, making pancakes on Saturday morning is part of her life. And it’s a very important part.

We are making memories with every batch of pancakes. Every Saturday she tells me they are the best pancakes she has ever eaten, and every Saturday that line melts my heart.

What are some special routines that you have with your kids?


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