MommyTalk: Who will pick the kids up at school?

The Hubby has been working from home the past several months so he has primarily been the one to do the drop off and pick up of Little Miss at pre-school.

He has just accepted a new job where he is expected to sit at the office or be on the road meeting clients. It is an opportunity that could not have been passed up due to the benefits for both our family and his career.

Little Miss will still need to be picked up at 3:30 everyday. This responsibility will now fall on me, even though I still work a 9-5 job. So now the new plan, is to get to work a little earlier than usual. Do not take a lunch break. Leave at 3, to get her by 3:30, and be home and back online by 4 to work till 5-5:30.

As happy as I am that the Hubby is getting this opportunity, and the money is good. I’m just frustrated that, my schedule has to change even though I am not the one to make such a huge career change.  Thankfully my employers are very understanding and willing to work with my family.

I know that when Little Miss goes to Kindergarten scheduling will get even messier. And if we were ever to have another child, who knows how that would work. I love having a career outside the home, I love being independent, and making my own money. Sometimes it just feels like being a stay at home mom would make things easier.

How do you work around school and work with your kids?


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