MommyTalk: Leaving my child with a babysitter

On a recent Saturday Night, the Hubby and I went out to dinner with another couple. We left Little Miss with his parents so we could have a some “Grown -Up” time. We dropped her off, laid out some her things that she wanted to bring and hung out for a few minutes. When it was time to go I asked her for a Hug and a kiss. Her response “Mom, I’m busy!” Instantly, I get a pang in my stomach.

Do I leave her too much that she’s so used to it? How at 3 1/2 is she already pulling away from me? I must be a bad mom!?

Now to be fair, we hardly ever leave her. Maybe once every month or two, and it’s usually because a family member is asking to spend time with her. When we do leave her, it has ALWAYS been with a family member.

I know that I’m not bad Mom. There are moments when I could have been more patient or handled things better or just sat on the floor and played longer. There is always room for improvement. But overall I like to think I’m doing a pretty damn good job.

When Little Miss was much younger, leaving her was a full on battle. She would cry and scream and kick. Beg and plead me not to leave her. Which broke my heart every single time, and I would cry in the car on the way to the destination for the night. So now that she is comfortable being away from me, and secure enough to know that I always come back and has complete trust in her family members; I don’t know what hurts more. Her not wanting me to leave, or her being okay with me leaving?

How do you handle leaving your children with a babysitter?


One response to “MommyTalk: Leaving my child with a babysitter

  1. I see situations like this all the time as a nanny. It is important for children to learn independence from an early age. You are doing it right. By having people that know your daughter watch her, she feels comfortable separating from you for a short period of time. She knows you aren’t abandoning her which is why she is ok with it now. The best thing to do when leaving her with a sitter is make sure she is preoccupied with a toy or activity when you leave. Then she is not focused on you leaving. Don’t take it personally when she doesn’t cry or fight the separation. It means you are doing your job right 🙂 Whatever you do, don’t act sad when you leave. Kids pick up on your feelings very easy. If you trust the person watching your daughter, she will trust them too.

    Hope this helps!



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