MommyTalk: Talking to your kids about safety

I live in Massachusetts; close to Boston, and after the tragic and heinous events that occurred on Marathon Monday, I felt that blogging about the silly things in my life was inappropriate. Now that the suspect is in custody and as of today he has been federally charged, the people of Boston and Massachusetts, can breathe a sigh of relief and we can try to get back to our lives.

I was born and raised in NH, and didn’t moved down to Mass till after I graduated college to be with the Hubby (Then he was just the boyfriend). I have been here now for 6 years. I love Boston, I love Mass. NH will always have a special place in my heart, but I do consider myself a Mass-Hole now. There is a funny quote going around on Facebook. “In Gotham City when people need a Hero they look to Batman. In Boston, when a Hero is needed they look to their side!” Boston and the people of Boston are strong and will come out of this tragedy stronger and more connected as a team. Good will always concur Evil.

Even still, Evil exists in this world. After this weeks events, I was reminded to have that talk again with Little Miss. When in danger, and Mommy and Daddy for whatever reason cannot help you, who will help you. Little Miss will be Four in August, so it’s a delicate line to walk. I want her to know enough to actually be able to help herself if that need was ever there. But I also don’t want to tell her more than she can understand or handle. I do not want her to go through her every day life not feeling safe.

Little Miss and I talked about Police Offers, and that they are there to help us if we need it. I tried to explain that if she walked away from me at the Mall and couldn’t find me, a Police Officer would help her look for me. If a Police officer sees a lost dog, they will try to find where the dog lives. They are there to help for many reasons. Another good source is another Mommy. I told her that is she sees other kids with their Mommy, that she can always go up to her and ask for help. As a mom, if I ever see a kid whom I cannot quickly identity who they are with, I always try to help. I know that I am putting  a lot of faith in total strangers, that if my young child asked them for help, that they would selflessly and appropriately help her. I would much rather have my child ask another Mother, than a random man. As sexist as it may be, out of any stranger, I trust another Mom the most.

As much as I want to live in a world where nothing bad or evil happens, that just is the not the case. I want my daughter to be prepared, for if something bad were to happen, yet not afraid that bad always happens. If Little Miss and I have this talk periodically, I hope that I am setting her up for success; getting her ready to know what to do and who to ask.

How often do you have this talk with your kids? And how to you approach it?


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