Adam’s Point, Durham NH

Currently I live in Massachusetts, but I was born and raised in southern NH. Every few months I need to visit to recharge and see the sites and eat the food that I grew up loving. One of my favorite spots to walk, take pictures and picnic at is called Adam’s Point in Durham NH.  Adam’s Point is basically s small trail around the point over looking Great Bay. It’s a quiet place to picnic, sit and relax. Since it’s over looking the bay, you can smell that fresh salt water smell everywhere you walk. That salt water smell instantly reminds me of home and growing up.
This past weekend I was up visiting my cousins whom I am extremely close with. We took a quick drive to Adams Point close to dusk just so I could get a little taste. At the boat dock, there was this small boat stranded that had been there for some time. It was very weathered and starting to rot. It makes you wonder how it got there, and why did someone leave it? These are the shots that I took of it.
If you’re ever in the Durham area check out Adams Point.

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