MommyTalk – Kids say the cutest things

Little Miss is now 3 1/2 and we can have full conversations. At times I try to talk about serious topics like; if you get lost, ask another mommy for help. Others times its pure silly-ness; if you were an animal what animal would you be.

At random times Little Miss comes up with the cutest things and it just melts my heart.

The other morning, she climbed into bed with the Hubby and I. She said that Daddy was a banana, and she was a pineapple. So I asked her what I was; she thought for a second and replied “You’re a chicken bone!”

Recently I caught her picking her nose. I asked het to get a tissue and use that instead. “But Mama my finger works better because it’s small and it fits in my nose.” It’s comments like this that make me laugh out loud, because she does have a point.

One night when I went out with some co-workers the Hubby was in charge. Little Miss would not stop crying about a second piece of cake. The Hubby asked her to go to her room until she calmed down. When she finally calmed down, she yelled down the stairs and said “I don’t want cake anymore, I want to watch the Bruins!” How could you not let her out of timeout with that one?

Little Miss rocking some fake Ray Bans! Absolute love of my life!

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