Mom’s Chocolate Triffle

I do not have an official recipe for this dessert nor do I know how my Mom learned of this recipe. All I know is that she has been making it as long as I can remember.

Start with box chocolate cake, and instant chocolate pudding. Make both according to their individual recipes. Keep the pudding in the fridge, and let the cake cool.
Once the cake is completely cool, you can assemble all the layers.
Cut the cake into squares. Just eyeball it.
make a layer of cake at the bottom. You should use of half of the cake.
Drizzle as much caramel sauce over the cake as you want.
Add a layer of the chocolate pudding, again using half.
Add a layer of whip cream. I chose Cool Whip, it’s easier to spoon out. About half
the container.
Repeat all the steps/layers again, using the remaining ingredients.
I drizzled a little caramel on the top to add a little luster.
All the layers from the side.

This dessert is not meant to look great. It’s super easy, quick and simple. It’s so good, and usually doesn’t last long when guests are over. There are also a million different variations that you can make. I always stick with this combination because it reminds me of being a kid and coming home from school to getting to enjoy this with my brother!

Hope you enjoy!


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