ELF Haul

I tend to be a bit snobby when it come to makeup, and stay away from drugstore stuff. However, I have been hearing really good things about ELF products which can be found at Target. The prices are unbelievably low, and the products are supposed to be decent dupes for the high end products.  I picked up a few things to test them out. Here is what I got:

2 brushes, Eyebrow kit, and a Blush and Contouring palette.
This looks very similar to a palette that NARS has.
Eyebrow kit.
Two angled brushes.

Ive only used the brushes so far. I need to spend more time with the products before I make my final decision. For all four products I spent only $12. At the very least, I think this line will come in handy to test out new colors or trends before investing on the expensive high end products.

7 responses to “ELF Haul

  1. The blush in the contouring pallet is a pretty good dupe for NARS Deep Throat. For the most part all of their products are decent, but I’d stay away from the mascaras.



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