Before & After: Curly to Straight

I have very curly thick hair which I hate; and I have been straightening my hair for close to 10 years, so over the years I have become really good at it.

I washed my hair the night before, and combed through some leave in conditioner.
Lots of curls.
I start in the back and work my way forward.  I take out a thin layer of hair and clip the rest up and out of the way.
The layer looks thicker because of my curls.
It’s really hard to take a picture of yourself straightening your hair. I start as close to the roots as I can and work my way down the strip slow and smooth. Continue up towards the banks, thin layer after think layer.
Here is the after. It take me about 30-45 minutes to do my full head of hair.
I love my straight my hair so much more than my curly hair.
This is the straighter that I use. Cortex.
Here are my tips to straightening your hair:
  • I wash my hair at night and let it dry completely, and straighten in the morning; I get smoother less frizzy results.
  • Start as close to the root as possible, you don’t want straight hair, with curly roots.
  • Make sure your hair is dry.
  • Do thin layers at time.
  • Move slowly down the strip of hair, but always keep it moving. If you hold it in one spot too long, you run the risk of burning your hair, or creating kinks which are hard to iron out.
  • If you want to add some body or some tame waves, use the straighter to make them. It’s hard to curl your hair after you straighten it, because the heat dries out your natural oil, and your hair needs the oils to hold a curl or wave.
  • Use the appropriate heat setting. I use 400, but that won’t work for everyone.
  • The more passes down the hair you make, the more you are damaging your hair.
  • If you are going to use any products, make sure it’s meant for use with heat. If not, you run the risk of burning off your hair.
  • Hair straighteners need to be replaced every few years. Once, I was using my very old hair straighter, and the mechanism that controlled the heat must have been broken, and it continued to heat up past the 400, and I ended up burning off a chink of my hair.
  • You do not need an expensive straightener. I purchased mine from TJ Max for $30, and I love it.
  • When you straighten your hair, you might see a lot of fall out. That is normal.
  • If you have dyed hair, plus if you straighten your hair often, you will most likely get split ends. Split ends cannot be repaired, only cut off. Hair is dead; it will not magically mend back together with some special shampoo. Just pay attention and get trims when needed.
  • Washing your hair, will make your hair go back to normal.
  • I can go several days without washing my hair, if your hair starts to get a tad oily, use some dry shampoo or even baby powder. Put a small amount on your palms and run your fingers through your hair, then comb it through. Oil is gone.
Hope this helps you achieve your straight hair!

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