How To: Makeup Brush Cleaning

Cleaning your makeup brushes regularly is a very important step in your beauty regimen. Makeup, dirt, oil, and dead skin sits in the bristles of your brushes, and each time to apply makeup, you are rubbing all that back onto your skin. It sounds gross,  because it is.  To be honest, I do not clean my brushes as often as I should, I try to keep up with every few weeks. If I don’t clean the makeup off my face at the end of the day and keep my brushes clean, my skin doesn’t look as healthy and I start to break out.

I will show you how I clean my brushes.

Here are all my brushes, my MAC brush cleaner, and panty liners. Yes, those panty liners.
MAC Brush Cleanser.
My very dirty brushes. I have mostly Sephora brushes, with one from MAC, and a few no name cheap ones.
I pour the cleanser on the Panty Liner until its saturated.
Now, just rub the brush back and forth on the panty liner.
Keep rubbing, you will see all the product rub off onto the liner. Rub the brush until all the product has come off the brush.
Clean brush.  Then I rub the brush on my towel back and forth to get some of the excess cleanser off. Reshape the bristles with your fingers, and lay flat to dry completely.
Do you see all that makeup on the pads?
When they are ready, I put them back in an empty French Tea can, and keep it right on my vanity.

That is my simple and fast way to clean my makeup brushes. You just toss the panty liners, and clean up is done.

How do you clean your brushes?

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