Countdown to Valentine’s Day: The Day I got Married

This March 19th will be out 2 year wedding anniversary. Looking back, planning my wedding was by the far the most stressful thing I have ever done. Sometimes I wish we had just gone to the city hall, and had a small, simple and quick ceremony alone. Even so, our wedding was beautiful and represented our personalities perfectly.

When we got married, our daughter was already a 1 year and half old, so we opted for a more non-traditional, and non-denomination ceremony. I walked alone down the aisle about 3/4 of the way and stopped. The hubby walked up to meet me, and we walked the remaining together hand in hand. Our ceremony was very quick and simple. I simply took very traditional vows, and cut out all parts that were related to any sort of religious belief.

Catatao Wedding 3.19.11 224 

The ceremony was held in the same venue, we went with a black and white theme with purple accents. Our first dance was to Bruno Mars, “I think I want to marry you”. We had classical music playing during dinner, but once dinner was done, it was time to party. We did not have another slow song till the very last song. Our gift to the guests was a Photo booth with props, and each guest could take home their photo strip. I wanted my guests to walk away from our wedding saying “That was fun!”

Catatao Wedding 3.19.11 671
Everyone getting down to dance.
Catatao Wedding 3.19.11 484
My favorite picture from the day!

Overall my wedding day was a perfect day and there isn’t much that I would have changed. To all those currently planning, Good Luck!


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