Countdown to Valentine’s Day: How did you meet your significant other?

I attended college at a small school in the White Mountains of NH. Just a few weeks prior to the start of my senior year, I turned 21. The weekend I moved into my senior year apartment, my roommates and I went out to celebrate that is was our senior year, and that we could all legally get into the bar downtown, The Lucky Dog. Once we were there, there was loud music, dancing and rum & cokes flowing. Across the bar, I noticed a boy who kept looking in my direction.  I did not think too much into it. As the night came to an end and the bar was closing, my friends and I started to gather our belongings and each other. When you exit the bar, you have to walk up a rather steep hill to get to Main Street. When I was walking up the steep hill, that same boy from inside, called out to me and asked my name. I told him. We talked for a minute or two. When I started to walk off, he asked for my number. In my drunken state, I gave it to him. When I was back at my apartment, he called me, it was then that I realized I should have never given him my number; I told him never to call me again and hung up. He called the next day, asking if we could hang out. I said no. He somehow got my screen name, and was now calling and IM’ing me to hang out. I still said no. He ended up figuring out where I lived, and showed up with subs from subway one day. I let him in, we ate, we hung out, and he asked if I would go on a real date with him. I said no. For weeks, he would show up at my apartment with subway, we would eat and hang out. He finally wore me down, and I went on a real date with him. After our first date and he was dropping me back off at my apartment, he didn’t try to kiss me.  I loved that. Almost 7 years later, we are now married, with a baby girl, a house and two dogs. Still to this day, he gives me the time I need, yet balances out how to break my walls down.

The night I met him.

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