How To: Simple Necklace

I found this simple Necklace How To Tutorial on Cupcakes and Cashmere dot com Here. I prefer simple and dainty jewelry options, and thought this was perfect. Plus you can choose the color crystals that work best for you.

Here are the supplies that I picked up all for under $20. The chain I picked out ended up being a bit too thick for the size of the beads. Now I know better for next time.
I selected pinks and purples. The dark ones are more of a black/purple. Black and purple match most of what i wear, and the makeup choices that I make.
The package I picked up had very thin wire coated in a plastic, with these little crimpers to clamp it shut. I strung the wire through one end of the chain and clamped it shut. I strung on the beads in the order that I laid out.
Then I strung the opposite end of the wire through the other end of the chain and clamped it shut to close of and make a complete circle.
I added a second string to try and balance out the size of the chain against the size of the beads.
I made a second necklace with the remaining materials. This time I made a loop with the wire instead of two separate strings. I think I like the black chain with the color beads more.

Which do you prefer?


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