Makeup Organization

I am still in search of the perfect system for all my makeup. I want things organized, hidden yet still easy to be able to grab what I need with ease.

This is the whole of of my makeup. I know it’s a lot, in this view it’s slightly over-whelming and embarrassing.

I purchased plastic square containers in two different sizes from Wal-Mart. For all 7 bins I paid $6. Once I live with the system for a bit I might spray paint them silver to make them a little more classy.

Right now from Left to Right is: Face, Eyes, random/samples, tools, lips. Below is palettes and Nail polishes.

Brushes on on the desk in a an empty tea tin for easy access. All my perfumes and lotions are on a tray on the desk as well.

I’m going to stick with this system for a few weeks to see how ti really feels and flows while I am getting ready in the morning. If I love it and it works, I’ll share of pictures of glamming it up.

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