Fried Plantains

I tried another experiment in the kitchen. I went to the grocery store, and they had Plantains on sale; 4 for $1. So I grabbed 4.

I picked out, two ripe and two that need to ripen a bit. I read that the yellow plantains are sweeter, and the green ones will make of the salty chip when fried.

I sliced two o them up, while I let the Olive Oil heat up in the pan.

Here the chips are frying up.

This side is done, what a lovely golden brown.

I added some sugar and cinnamon and tossed them around for a sweet chip. I think I cut them too thick because the outside was crispy, but the inside was a tad mushy. Next time I will cut them thinner, to get more of a chip substance. Overall they weren’t bad, I will let the green plantains ripen and give it another try.

I got sidetracked and burnt my second batch.

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