My On-Going To Do List of Adventures

I am constantly amazed and drawn to the wonderful things around me. I love exploring, going on adventures, learning the history that was before me. A place or an object that has  a story to tell, always pulls me in, and I listen intently.

I want to start of things that I want to see, and do, places I want to go. Now this won’t be my “Bucket List”. I want this list to be full of real possibilities, and as much as I want to pack up and move to Paris, that is not going to happen anytime soon, if ever.

The List:

  • Visit Texas
  • I want an unnatural color in my hair, one last time. Maybe purple ends.
  • See Madonna in concert, but only for her 80’s music.
  • Apple picking, in NH at AppleCrest.
  • Dinner at L’espailer in Boston.
  • Dinner at Sportello in Boston.
  • High Tea at Langham Metropolitan in Boston.
  • Macarons from Macaron Sweeterie.
  • See the Statue of Liberty, up close.
  • More to come…….

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