The Original Dish Drying Mat Brand Challenge Winner!

I participated in the Mom VoxBox through Influenster and ended up winning two of the challenges for really good reviews on the products. This was my first time participating, and  I could not be more thrilled to have won. I don’t know when the next box will be coming out, but I hope I get picked to participate again.

The first brand challenge I won was for The Original Dish Drying Mat.

This box was waiting for me on my porch when I got home after work yesterday.

This is the whole lot of what I received:

Dish Drying Mat – $4.99

Dish Drying Mat XL – $7.99

Winter Boot and Shoe Drying Mat $9.99

Pet Bowl Mat – $4.99

Pet Bow Mat XL – $7.99

Fruit and Veggie Drying Mat – $4.99

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths 10 pack – $9.99

Reusable Microfiber Cloths 30 pack – wasn’t labeled

Wrinkle Release Dryer Towel – Wasn’t labeled

Cookware Guards 2 pack – $6.99

All of this is worth over $57. There is enough stuff here for me to have some and enough to share. Which is exactly what I will do. Thank you Influenster and Thank you The Original Dish Drying Mat!

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