Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange

I just finished reading the book Fashion Chic by Ines da la Fressange and want to share what I got out of the book.

*Parisian style is an attitude, a state of mind.
*It’s not bout labels or logos or bling – don’t try to look rich.
*Quality over quantity.
*Quality basics that you love.
*Accessories make your style so splurge.
*Don’t follow every trend.
*Dress your age.

Ines believes that every woman should have the seven basics in her closet to work any outfit off of.
*Trench Coat
*Navy Sweater
*Tank Top
*Little Black dress
*leather Jacket

Beauty Tips
*Use milk on your face for hydration (I need to look this one up)
*Don’t spend hours in front of the mirror
*Don’t try to have a professional makeup collection if you are not a professional makeup artist. (Woops, a little too late for this one)
*Find good quality products that work well for you and stick with them.
*Always start your look with healthy white teeth.

Ines also has a section for your Home.
*Your house must always be clean and organized.
*Keep candles in every room.
*When decorating mix expensive with non-expensive. Choose wisely.
*Art can be found everywhere, even perfume bottles can be displayed as art.

through out the book, Ines give many suggestion on where to eat/shop/stay while you are visiting Paris. She mixes self-improvement book with a travel book.

I think there are some very valuable lessons to take away from the book. Confidence in yourself is the key to life. Being okay with exactly who you are, and never try to fit in, will in the end make you happy and beautiful. There were some things in the book that I did not entirely agree with. Ines says no glittery eye shadow, no liquid eyeliner, and to wear makeup everyday. As much as I love makeup, I like to skip days, typically on Sundays, just to give my skin time to breathe. If I am going to be at my house all day, I don’t feel the need to all dolled up. My husband knows what I look like naturally, I don’t need to hide it.

Overall the book is a wonderful guide with some easy steps to follow. It’s full of encouraging words and advise, Ines shares them as if a mother is sharing her best kept secrets. However I don’t find that this will be my bible, only because I don’t agree with every single rule. But I feel that by being able to choose which of her rules will work for me and which will not  is in fact very Parisian. I think Ines would be proud.

2 responses to “Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange

  1. i attest to all above points! I lived in Paris for several years (am now in LA) and that is totally true with wardrobe staples. and attitude darling and lashings of Chanel at all times! taking as much Parisienne chic into Hollywood as possible!


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