Changing of the bedroom colors.

Currently my bedroom is painted a deep plum color. It’s a nice color, but I want to create a room that is light, fresh and relaxing. I chose two colors samples of  light blues to see how I would like them once dry. This one is called “Sonata”. It’s a pretty color, but ended up being darker than I had wanted.

This is the second sample, called “Cool Sky”. Both Paint colors of from the brand Behr at Home Depot. This color, is in the same family as the first, yet it is much lighter, a very pale blue, almost white. I think it’s perfect. I want to do all the walls and the ceiling this color, to create an overall oasis.

The closet doors, are currently painted somewhat of a toasted, burnt red. Red is not my color, I’m not sure if I want to paint them the same color blue, or use a sand color I have leftover form another room. I only know that they will not stay red.

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