Fancy Tea Party

While I was in NYC and having lunch at the Antique Garage, I had a pot of tea made with loose tea leaves, and since I have wanted a tea set of my own.

Over the weekend I went to Teavana at my local mall and bought myself a few things.

First I picked out a black tea set that came with the pot, and 4 cups. It’s called the Gobi Desert Teapot Set.

The tea I picked out was the Black Money Tea. It was 18.50 per 20z. Kind of expensive, and I’m not in love with it, I do want to try many other flavors.

I got a standard Tin to hold my tea to keep it fresh.

Lastly I got some German Rock Sugar to sweeten up the tea a tad. I figured with all this fancy Tea I couldn’t use regular sugar.

I spent $100 for all of this, and I have been drinking tea every day since I bought it. I am excited to go back and try all sorts of tea.

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