Incoco Nail Polish Applique’s

These are the Incoco Nail Polish Applique’s I got in the September BirchBox.

To be honest I was really skeptical at first. I mean could nail stickers actually stick and last longer than say one sink of dishes?? And the answer is: Yes! When you open them, they smell like nail polish, they feel like nail polish. And you just stick them on carefully trying to be as exact as you can. One they are down, they are down, no re-sticking. You need steady hands. And all the extra you just bend over and file off. I have tiny nail beds, so there was plenty just hanging out.

You need to get them down faily quickly, since it is real nail polish they will dry out. I suggest getting them all down on your nails and rubbing them to really get them to stick all over and bend the extra over for all 10 nails, then go back and file off the extra. That way the part that starts to dry up you will just file off.

The crazy things lasted through many sinks full of dishes, a few baths, and anything that life threw my way.

I would highly suggest them, and I will be buying some. I love all the crazy designs they come in. I want these next!

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