Alumni Weekend – Comman Man Inn

I visited my college this weekend for Alumni weekend, and here are a few photos that I took. The room is the super cute inn we stayed at the Common Man Inn. The train was parked right in front of the inn. The green chair was in the lobby and I loved it. It was huge and bright green as it came straight from Alice In Wonderland. I need one in my house someday.

The Common Man is un-like any inn I have ever stayed in. Very rustic feel to it. It was originally a wood mill, and turned into an Inn, Spa and Restaurant. The rooms are all cabin/outdoor themed. White birch, old pictures, antiques. There is a real fireplace in the lobby, as well as a live in pet cat. The warmth of the Inn instantly makes you feel at home. The food is all homemade, simple soul food. Each room even comes with handmade goats milk soap, and freshly made organic body lotion. And to top it all off, it does not come with the city prices. If you are ever in Plymouth, NH you must stay here.

With dinner I tried a Ginger Mojito. It’s a Mojito made with Ginger Ale. It was delicious, but beware they don’t taste like alcohol at all.

It was a good weekend!!

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