Man Ray/Lee Miller at the Peabody Essex Museum

I needed a little “alone time” and I went to the Peabody Essex Museum for a few hours. It was my first adventure there and I was looking forward to the Man Ray/Lee Miller exhibit they had on display. A lot of the museum had art that really didn’t interest me, but they did have a small display of shoes that I did enjoy. They also had a wedding dress made entirely out of plaster of Paris and seashells. It looked really heavy and uncomfortable.

I finished my tour with the Man Ray/Lee Miller exhibit. Going in I didn’t know what to expect. I had just been hearing commercials for it on the radio, of two lovers in Paris and the art they made wile they were together. The exhibit was broken down into 4 parts. Before they met, while they were together, after they parted, and then artwork given to them by friends. It was artwork, letters, self portraits, and nudity. The love that they felt for each other absolutely shines brightly through all the work that they created. I don’t want to spoil too much of what I physically saw, so people will go see it for themselves, and because there is no way I could put into words what I felt while I was there. I was very moved.

Before I left I did visit the gift shop and picked up these two post cards that I have no intention of mailing. One is a self portrait of Lee Miller, and the other is Lee Miller’s Lips done by Man Ray. Supposedly he had a giant picture of her lips hanging over his bed after they split. His work after the breakup revolved around her lips and eyes for a while. Maybe they never truly moved on from one another. I guess we are all in search of our one true muse.


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