Skin Cancer

I have crazy sensitive skin, plus lots of freckles and birth marks. So I go to the dermatologist yearly to get checked out. This year my dermatologist removed two moles on my back after asking her to remove them for over a year. She finally agreed since I had been compiling about them for so long. She said they looked normal and everything should be fine. About a week after my appointment I received a call from my doctor directly saying that I need to set up another appointment and that I should call her back as soon as I could. Another voicemail 30 seconds later was the office telling me when my appointment was. I was freaking out, so I called and spoke to her directly. She told me over the phone that one of my moles came back wit A Typical Cells an that I needed to go back in and have more of the spot removed. She said that as long as I took care of it now I shouldn’t have anything to worry about. I was still a little nervous but I felt better, knowing more details.

I go in Wednesday for my follow up appointment, I check in with  the front desk. My Doctor comes to the waiting room and personally walks me back to the room, I walk in and she says “Don’t touch anything, we have already sterilized everything. Everything is set up for the surgery.” I’m thinking to myself, Surgery, I never signed up for that. I take off my clothes, and put on the robe thing, lie down on the table. The doctor and nurse put on their masks, gloves, and surgery coat. The “surgery” was more of a procedure. I got 4 internal stitches and 6 external, and the whole thing took about an hour. Not fun. It didn’t hurt, but I felt tugging, and I could hear them working. It was really gross. So happy when it was finally over. SO I sit up on the table and my doctors explains to me how to clean it and what to look for in case it gets infected. And then she tells me the truth. The results came back as A Typical cells, but the cells had started the process of turning into skin cancer. Melanoma. They had to cut out a large chunk of my back essentially to make sure that they got ALL the A Typical cells so they wouldn’t spread or turn into skin cancer. She said I was lucky that I made her remove the mole in the first place because it would have eventually turned into cancer.

Her recommendations for me going forward. Absolutely NO fake tanning. Limit sun exposure, and lots of sun screen.

I am sharing this personal story of mine not to scare anyone, but simply to say that we know our own bodies better than anyone else. And if something doesn’t feel right, it’s better to get to get it checked out and nothing be wrong than to ignore it. For skin or anything else. Take care of yourself. Your never too young to start. I’m only 25 and this is what I’m currently dealing with.

Here’s a link to Web-MD on Skin Caner, because I only know my own experience and what my doctor said to me. I am not knowledgeable on this matter.

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