Korres Lip Butter

Okay, I bought this little guy a few weeks ago. I normally hate anything for the lip that I have to apply with my finger. It’s not sanitary and after I just end up wiping my finger on my pants. Not a hot look. Carrying around a lip brush just isn’t always do-able. I prefer when a wand comes with it. That being said…

I tried this stuff on in the store and had to have it. I wasn’t really looking for a new color, or anything really from Korres. So the fact that I actually bought it is saying something.

It’s called Lip Butter for a reason, it’s creamy and smooth and makes your lips feel so good. It’s not sticky or greasy. It smells phenomenal (I got Pomegranate). The color looks really pink in the little jar, but once it’s on your lips it’s just a light hint of color. It’s perfect for an everyday look, suitable for work.

I like this stuff so much I need to go back and try some of the other stuff in the store. This was absolutely worth the price!

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